Fabulous Designers in Detroit!

Detroit can be described in so many ways: Motor City, Motown, Hockey Town, Detroit Rock City, and even the Paris of the Midwest. And now with all the Detroit based lines, trendy boutiques, and local designers, maybe soon enough the city will be able to take on another moniker. Fashion City? Detroit Fashion District? It’s possible, especially with the amount of local talent! We may be bringing fashion to Detroit on March 10th, there is no doubt that the city lives in style every day of the year!

While the line up for Fashion in Detroit hasn’t been officially announced, here is a list of some of YOUR favorite local designers:

Angela McBride (Peace Love Spandex)

McBride knows how to make Spandex fun and wearable! Known for designing active performance wear for dancers (she’s designed for dance teams at University of Michigan and Wayne State University) her line, Peace Love Spandex, has been making it’s way into the mainstream! Her line contains everything from leotards to leggings, and in every color imaginable! So, why spandex? Well according to her one-line bio on her website, “I make clothing to entertain, and spandex accomplishes that.” Simple as that!

B.may Handbags

Barbara May (Bmay Handbags)

Self-taught handbag designer, Barbara May, is definitely making a name for herself. Based in Petoskey, her B.May luxury handbags and accessories can be found in specialty stores and boutiques all over the country. Her work is crafted with some of the most beautiful materials, including Italian leathers and exotic skins!  

Cynthia LaMaide

As a fiber artist, costume designer and fashion designer, Cynthia LaMaide is a knit-wear designer based in Michigan. Each of her designs is made by hand, created with luxurious fibers and materials that are woven, knitted, felted and hand painted. You may have seen her work featured in local magazines such as Styline, Hour and Ambassador. Cynthia has also done work as a costumer designer for quite a few films (keep an eye out for some of her designs in Jennifer Aniston’s next movie, Wanderlust, next month!) and even recently showcased her collection in Paris to retailers! 

Dina La Montagne

This local artist and jewelry designer’s work can best be described as earthy and elegant. Everything is handmade and one-of-a-kind, and her artistic expressions shows in her work! Dina even recently designed a line for The Pink Fund’s SurThrivor Collection, with 25% of proceeds going straight to the cause that you can find at her Etsy shop

Fotoula Lambros

Fotoula is more than just a designer, she is considered to be one of Detroit’s Fashion Ambassadors and is absolutely living up to her title. Her concept and designs are fashion forward with her use of sustainable and natural textiles. Not to mention her lines add a very feminine yet modern take on the female silhouette. Her work outside designing is just as admirable, be sure to check out her recent venture with WORKROOM

Jenna Kator

Handbags! A girl’s best friend, and Jenna does them right! Her designs are inspired by the great cities of Michigan, and this is reflected in the names of her bags and accessories. Here is the real kicker: while her products look, feel and even smell like leather, they are all actually made with no animal by-products! We can’t wait to see her 2012 winter collection!

Julie Lindsay

Fringe, leather and studs! Julie Lindsay perfects the rocker chic look with her gorgeous handbags, many of which are handcrafted right here in Michigan! Many of her bags have been featured in magazines from Styleline to InStyle!

Kelly Lynne

Having graduated from FIT in New York, Kelly Lynne has been making a name for herself with her stunning avant-garde women’s wear. According to her Etsy profile, “My vision is to create unique one of a kind designs by finding a balance between affordable luxury and couture quality, while keeping it all as environmentally friendly as possible.” The clothes? Absolutely stunning! If you don’t believe us, check out her Etsy shop!

Marlaina Stone

Marlaina Stone’s work is not just jewelry, it’s wearable art. Her amazing one-of-a-kind pieces have been featured in magazines such as Town and Country, Cosmopolitan and Redbook. And even though the designer’s studio is based in Birmingham, her work is sold all over the country from California to Texas.

Fashion In Detroit is Officially Teaming Up with Stylecaster

We are excited to announce that Stylecaster will officially be covering the event on March 10th. The national site is one of the leading platforms that covers fashion, beauty, lifestyles, celebrities and advice. Take a look at stylecaster.com and don’t forget to check out the looks section!

Take a look at the press release for Fashion In Detroit 2012!

Take a look at the press release for Fashion In Detroit 2012!

The Fashion In Detroit media kit is now available. Take a look!

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FASHION IN DETROIT TSHIRTS! Fitted and cute.  Spread the word by wearing the word- $25.00 available online at Deniseilitchdesigns.com

FASHION IN DETROIT TSHIRTS! Fitted and cute.  Spread the word by wearing the word- $25.00 available online at Deniseilitchdesigns.com


Pre-Fall Roundup

Fashion In Detroit 2009 (by joeredfly)

The Motor City will once again transform into Fashion City!

Saturday, March 10th - 2012

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